Another One Bites The Dust (Juniors)


Band Lesson:

1. Make students aware of the basic score elements: Title, subtitle, composer & part name. Follow by asking them to name the clefs they have in their parts. Ask them to look at the time signature and if they remember how to count the beats.

Activities - Letter A

2. Tap along the basic beat with one hand and sing the rhythm with "tah".

3. Tap along the basic beat and sing the note names. Repeat the exercise singing Bb instrument notes and Eb instrument notes.

4. Help them learn the notes on their instrument and play letter A altogether. Start slow and go increasing the tempo as they gain confidence. If they are not performing the sixteenth note rhythm correctly, stop and repeat step 2. Alternate the rhythm exercise with the practice until they grasp it.

Activities - Letter B

5. Show them the piano and Guitar parts and introduce the concept of chords. Ask them to find out in the piano score how many different chords there are in letter B.

6. Stomp the basic beat with one foot and clap letter B's new rhythm.

7. Stomp the beat, clap hands and sing the melody with "tah".

8. Help them to learn the new notes. This time, practice letter B in sections: keyboards, woodwinds, strings, pitched percussion. Ask students to describe the different tone qualities they hear.

Activities - Connecting Letter A and Letter B

9. Play them the song recording from the beginning of verse 1 and ask students to raise their hands when they hear the change to letter B. Ask them if they know which word they hear when the change happens.

10. Play letters A & B together.

11. Ask students to forget the score and focus on the lyrics. Make them play letter A repeatedly and only change when you sing the leading phrase "Are you ready?" to letter B.

Activities - Letter C

12. Ask students to identify the melodic patterns in letter C and figure out the number of repetitions.

13. Help students learn the new notes in the last pattern.

14. Practice letter C. They will remember better the order if they connect the notes to the

lyrics. Let them try to play and sing the notes.

Activities - full rehearsal

15. Practice the singing until they are able to sing the lyrics with confidence.

16. Practice verse, pre-chorus and chorus. If they can, practice second verse as well.

17. Invite singers to take solo parts and if possible, to sing with a microphone.

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