Orff Orchestra: Asa Branca

Instrumentation: Recorder, Melodica, Soprano Metallophone, Alto Metallophone, Bass Metallophone, Soprano Xylophone, Alto Xylophone, Bass Xylophone, Drum, Snare, Triangle, Claves, Bongos, Piano, Voice, Ukelele, Ukelele Bass.

Performance notes:

1. Listen to Luiz Gonzaga's recording

2. Read out the verses with the group and inquiry about the lyrics (Ask students to imagine the environment and describe it. Why are some people living and others staying? etc.)

3. Help them learn to sing

4. Can students find out the different rhythm patterns in the music?

5. Demonstrate the baião rhythm pattern. Help them perform using body percussion

6. Help students learn the notes

7. Practice different sections in groups of instruments

8. Perform and present

Challenge: Can students learn more than one part? Can students perform their part and sing the song?

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